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Thursday, December 6, 2007

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Doctor Who: Episode Info (Christmas Special)!

Post by: Sal

Episode Info on Christmas Special:

The forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special will last for 71 minutes, according to the BBC, over ten minutes longer than the previous festive episodes.

The broadcaster also revealed that the special, entitled 'Voyage Of The Damned', will be screened at 6.50pm on Christmas Day on BBC One. The competition on ITV in the battle for ratings will be popular soap Emmerdale.

In addition, an hour-long installment of Doctor Who Confidential will be screened afterwards on BBC Three at 8.30pm.

'Voyage Of The Damned' features pop singer Kylie Minogue returning to her acting roots on board the Titanic, alongside David Tennant as The Doctor.

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