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Friday, December 7, 2007

TV Hot Spot: News

Moonlight: Interview with Chris Marsteller (Set Decorator)!

Post by: Sal

Source: M&C

Back in September, CBS and Warner Bros. invited Monsters and Critics to tour the sets of their new vampire thriller series, “Moonlight,” starring Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Shannyn Sossamon and Jason Dohring.

Since then, the series has taken off like a rocket in popularity.

Many fan websites have popped up, and diehard fans of Alex O'Loughlin turned out to support him and donate toys for the charity Christmas toy drive at the Pole Position Raceway in Corona this past weekend.

Many of you read the set-tour piece and submitted "talkback" questions for the set decorator, Chris Marsteller.

Chris has kindly responded to all your questions:

From the Set Tour talkback:

Q1. What are the crystals used in the fireplace? How does it work?

The crystals are actually small pieces of tempered glass. There is a flame bar below and the the flames pass through the glass providing us with our effect for Mick's fire place.

Q2. I love the bookcase and want to buy or make one for my new library. Any suggestions?

Of course, Mick's bookcase is custom built. It was designed by our production designer Alfred Sole and is (as most of Mick's place) a defining part of the set.

If I may make one suggestion. I don't know what size most of your books are, but I would take an average and tallest measurement of your books. The squares in Mick's bookcase were built at 16 inches.

This requires a large size (table or art) book to fill it properly, which became one of our biggest challenges given our time frame and budget.

As far as purchasing something like Mick's bookcase I think it would be difficult to come by.

Depending on your budget and resources I would try to find a carpenter or cabinet maker to handle the project.

For a lower budget perhaps some modular wine storage cubes would give you a similar effect.

Q3. Who did the artwork in Josef's [Jason Dohring's] office / condo on his ceilings and walls? Thanks

The artist is Alex Gross. We came across an art book of his and really felt it had the right flavor for Joseph.

We wanted to make a large statement in Joseph's office and also hint at his age as a vampire.

With the show being set in LA and wanting to keep a very contemporary edge to it, the challenge came in defining the characters.

With Joseph, it came down to grand scale. And what could be grander than a painted ceiling a la the Vatican.

Q4. Where do you find the decor for Alex's home, and how do you decide what items "go" or "fit" with each character?

When I started prepping the show there were many discussions as to how our vampire's live. We wanted to keep the show very contemporary and and imply that vampires do live among us and on the surface you might not recognize anything out of the ordinary at first glance.

With Mick's loft I chose some pieces from Cisco Home, Design Within Reach, Diva, Sonrisa, and other small shops around LA.

The idea was to keep Mick's very clean and simple. He has been living long enough that he has his life style down to a sort of routine and it is unnecessary to have a lot of excess.

And though he does most of his business at night, and simple lines often times feel colder, we tried to keep it warm with our color pallette.

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