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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

October Road 2x07 & 2x08: More Episode Info!

Review by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV

More Episode Info 2x07 & 2x08:

Episode 2.07 - Spelling It Out
Nick, Aubrey, Ronnie, Dean, and Owen watch the semi-finals of the Regional Spelling Bee at the Commander's house. Pizza Girl delivers a pizza to Allen Korndorfer, the 14-year-old brother of one of the contestants. Allen has been living in the shadow of his intelligent brother for years and admits to Pizza Girl that he wishes his brother will not win the competition. Physical Phil tells Eddie he should take his relationship with Janet to the next step before she decides to bail. Hannah meets with a lawyer in order to file papers to have Ray adopt Sam. Thing is Sam's father must forgoe his parental rights but Hannah listed no father's name on the birth certiciate. The only way Ray can adopt Sam is if Gavin Goddard does a paternity test and then forgoes his rights...

Episode 2.08 - Dancing Days Are Here Again
Pizza Girl and Physical Phil set up a blind date for Owen. He and Bethany (the date) hit it off until he shows pictures of the kids and admits he is still married but seperated. The Commander goes to the doctor's office to have his back checked out because Leslie wants to go dancing. The test results bring bad news. Nick tries to have Aubrey and her dad reunite.

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