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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

One Tree Hill Season 5: Even More Episode Info!

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Source: SpoilerFIX

More Season 5 Episode Info from SpoilerFIX

Episode 5.01 - 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
In the season premiere, at Tree High Hill, student Quentin drops by Lucas' office. It seems that Quentin was dropped from the basketball team earlier and he thinks Lucas will put him back on since he doesn't have a great lineup this year. Lucas lays down the rules Quentin will have to follow to stay on the team. But the student doesn't seem to like those much so he lays down his rules for Lucas to have him back on the team. Who'll win? The series is also casting the roles of Lindsey and Lydia. We meet Lindsey when Lucas goes to her office and apologizes for missing yet another deadline. Lucas is now a published writer and Lindsey is not happy that he can't seem to write his second book. It looks like the two will date. Lydia is a rude woman in her 50s and is working with Brooke at Clothes Over Bro's. Lydia seems to be in charge of Brooke's marketing. The company will soon go public. Lydia demands that Brooke fires one of the company's employees, one of her friends.

Episode 5.02 - Racing Like a Pro
Brooke and Peyton help Haley interview nannies. One applicant is a very manly female and Brooke and Peyton make fun of her. When Haley is ready to give up, Brooke says that Peyton will take Nathan to physical therapy (as reported before, Nathan is in a wheelchair) and she'll take care of James for a few hours so Haley can do her things. Haley will hire a woman named Carrie as James' nanny. Carrie will reveal to Haley that at the rate things are going, she'll end up an old maid since she can't get "the" guy. She also thanks Haley for taking a chance on her, thus giving her a place she can call home. Carrie reveals that her father left when she was young and that her mother was too young and wild when she had her, which ended up in Carrie going from foster home to foster home. Carrie calls herself "a work in progress." Skills and Mouth are roommates. Lucas and Skills work on a soap box racer so James can take part in a race. Brooke has problems at her company.

Episode 5.03 - My Way Home Is Through You
It seems that Brooke bought a house by the river and there is a room for Peyton in it. Dan receives a picture of his grandson. Nathan plays basketball with his son. Haley tries to convince Quentin to come back to school. A new character named Jason, the lead singer of a band named "No Means Yes," will be introduced in this episode. The band performs at Tric. After the show, Jason drops by Peyton's office and she offers to sign the group on her label. It won't be easy to convince Jason, especially since Peyton has not one else signed on her label. Lindsey worries about her relationship with Lucas since Peyton and Brooke are back in town. Dan is still in jail. Nathan will be on crutches in this episode.

Episode 5.04
Peyton wants Hayley to help Jason but the latter thinks that Hayley is merely "an organ player at church." Peyton is angry at how Jason treats Hayley and let's him know exactly who she is. Jason storms off as he is not ready to listen to Hayley's suggestions. Hayley offers to produce the album and work with self-centered Jason. Peyton meets with singer Mia. It seems that Mouth may be having an affair with Alice, one of the bosses where he works.

Episode 5.05
This seems to be an episode where most of the action is set in the time frame between the season 4 finale and the season 5 premiere. Whitey pays Lucas a visit in episode 5.05. Nathan is in shape enough to play basketball again. Nathan loses his cool when a "fan" asks him if Jamie will be a cheater like his father and shave points. Luckily, Lucas is travelling (he may be part of the staff) with Nathan's team and stops his brother before things go ugly. Lucas visits Peyton in L.A., where she is working in a record company's mail room. Over dinner, Lucas talks about how he keeps getting rejection letters from editors. But he gets a call from Lindsey (he hasn't met her yet), who read his book and wants the publishing company she works for to edit his novel. He travels to NYC to meet with the editor. While there, he visits Brooke. Haley also appears.

Episode 5.06
Peyton snaps at bar owner Owen and later apologizes to him in his car, slipping off her t-shirt and trying to entice him to sleep with her. Peyton goes back to visit her old house and see her old room, in which a 16-year-old girl named Molly is now living. Lindsey is visiting Lucas for the weekend, obviously in a relationship with him. She and Haley have become friends. Nathan and Skills have a conversation about what is true and not true. He mentions to Nathan about never dating girls named Bevin and something about Dan. Nathan tells him to stay away from stuff about Dan for now.

Episode 5.07
Brooke, Peyton and Mouth are at Tric. Mouth talks to a young woman named Milly, telling her a story about crawling out a window on a date and she admits that guys usually try and date her to meet Brooke Davis. He's shocked to find out she knows Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is sitting at the bar signing autographs for fans. Brooke flirts with Owen, the bartender, and Peyton tells Brooke that her mother is there.

Episode 5.08
One of the players on Nathan's team punched out a guy in a bar, trying to defend Haley's honor, and sprains his wrist in the process. Nathan is upset that he did it, jeopardizing the team and the guy's chance to play. Peyton is back in town but Lucas has already proposed to Lindsey. Mouth gets his shot at the local television station when they ask him to cover the Tree Hill Ravens season opener.

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