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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Save "Friday Night Lights" Campaign!

Post by: Sal

Hello readers! I am very proud, at TV Hot Spot, to present another campaign that we feel VERY strongly about. NBC has cancelled "JourneyMan" and got away with it, but now the network has decided to play around with the fate of another fan favourite, "Friday Night Lights", without even giving it a proper second season due to the strike. Well the fans are NOT standing for this. Join the campaign to save Friday Night Lights. Even though your NOT a fan, at least stand up for the little shows that deserve a break! Below is a letter that I have recieved in my email, and I will publish it with a link. Please follow the link and SAVE "FNL"!


Hi Sal,

With the recent news that Friday Night Lights is atrisk of being canceled from NBC, fans are banningtogether to fight for our favorite show. We want toshow Ben Silverman and the network just how passionateFNL fans are and how much we want to keep our belovedshow on air. We've developed a campaign to show BenSilverman and NBC networks our devotion to this show.And we have come up with a plan to send Mr. Silvermanmany, many mini-footballs to represent our show. We'vealready raised enough money to send over 500 hundredballs in just the first day, which we're all veryexcited about.

If you wanna check out what we are all about, below isa link to our website.

It would be great if you could give us a shout out because we are trying to spread the word as much aspossible. If this is not the right person to contactabout this please forward me in the right direction.Thanks so much for your time and consideration!


Take Care readers & thank you Lexie,


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