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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Save "Friday Night Lights": UPDATE!

Post by: Sal

Hey Everyone, I have just recieved this Image & A letter from the "Friday Night Lights" group. Take a look and join the campaign if you haven't already!

The Email (From Save "FNL"):

Hi Sal,

This is Lexie again.

I contacted you about two weeksago about a fan campaign for the show Friday NightLights. I wanted to give you an update on our success.

Right now 6,250 mini-Footballs balls are currently enroute to NBC and should arrive on Friday for BenSilverman's enjoyment. If you would like a littletaste of what NBC will be receiving on Friday, here'sa link to a picture of our efforts:

And that is only the beginning. We've recently placedan order for a further 7,500 footballs to be deliveredto NBC. To date we have raised $11,487 for 13,750footballs; $1,708 for charity, and $560 worth of firstseason DVD sets for troops stationed overseas. Allthis, and we're still not finished. We have more goalsplanned and can't wait to see them accomplished. As you can see, FNL has a very dedicated fanbase.

We're proud of the incredible fans who have donated tosave this beloved show, and who have donated to all ofthe wonderful charities of our campaign. We wanted to share our success with you in hopes youwould do a follow-up piece on our campaign. We stillbelieve in this show and will continue to fight for itin every way we can think of.

For example, based on Variety's recent article thatthe Comcast Entertainment Group that runs the E! andG4 networks, TNT, The CW, and DirecTV are allinterested in sharing the show with NBC, we send outfirst season DVD sets to the CEOs and/or Presidents ofEntertainment of these companies to show them the kindof quality series this show really is, and how devotedits fans are.

So if you could please help us spread the word aboutour efforts, it would be very much appreciated. All we ask is that you please omit our shipment date untilFriday, February 29th, so that when the shipment ofthose boxes arrives, it wont be as expected at NBC andwill have more of an impact. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Lexie, Save FNL Team

Take Care readers & thank you Lexie,


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