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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Ugly Betty: Interview with Creator!

Post by: Sal

Source: EW

Interview with Creator:

Executive producer Silvio Horta worked from home — and brought his entire writing team with him

I felt that before we returned to the office, it might be nice to work out of my place. You know, just in my living room. If I have a separate meeting scheduled while everyone is at my house, I'll go to the kitchen or my bedroom. Wherever there's space. I kinda would love to stay here, but I think the other writers might want their own offices. It has just been wonderful. We work so hard, so furiously, that a lot of the writers didn't start to really get to know each other until they were on the picket lines.

I did a little bit of traveling during the strike, going outside the bubble of L.A. to Brazil, London, and Paris. The reaction wasn't just ''Oh, I really like that show.'' People were really moved and touched and inspired. And that inspired me. I came back with a renewed sense of responsibility. As much as I love the show, I really wanted to recapture the heart that was not as present as I think it was in the first season. We were so ambitious in our storytelling that I think we lost sight of Betty and her point of view. Hopefully, we'll have the first script within a couple weeks.

We're not going to lose anything by doing only five episodes instead of nine. Honestly, and maybe because these are circumstances of the reality I have to live with, 18 episodes feel much more organic to where we were going this season. There are some ideas that we wanted to do, but it doesn't feel like we're hurting anything or taking anything away. We're not doing a musical episode. That will not happen this season. Hopefully, next year. [As for Lindsay Lohan guest-starring], we love Lindsay and hope to work with her in the future, though when or in what capacity remains to be seen. Because the season is truncated and we're busy wrapping up stories, it won't likely be this season.

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