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Monday, February 25, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

NCIS 5x12: Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: CBS & SpoilerTV

Episode Info 5x12 (Casting Call):

Episode Titled "Stakeout"

Episode: #106 - STAKEOUT.
EXEC PROD, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Shane Brennan;
DIR, Tony Wharmby; WRTR, George Schenck, Frank Cardea.

Homicide Detective Andrea Sparr

30s, attractive, brisk and intelligent. This D.C. cop spent three years in Narcotics before transferring to Homicide, so she knows both divisions well and believes her current murder case is standard and straightforward. Detective Sparr clashes with Tony when he attempts to undermine her case and prove its complexities, but they eventually agree to work together and sparks fly between them. STAR NAMES ONLY. Guest Star;

Stephen Chow

Late 30s, Asian-American, brilliant, physically fit, a Cal Tech graduate with a Masters in electronics, he's dressed in a casual Silicon Valley style of sweater, jeans and running shoes. Chow is livid when he hears that his radar system, developed for the Navy and beholden to a government contract, has been stolen from the NCIS; his small company will surely be ruined by this development. Guest Star;

NAVY Captain Dean Pullman

40, any ethnicity, physically fit. He's a calm, empathetic, capable Navy Procurement Officer who serves as liaison between Stephen Chow and the NCIS. When Chow's radar system is stolen, Pullman takes the rap for the suggestion of using it as bait. MILITARY HAIRCUT REQUIRED. Guest Star;

The Pusher / Dennis Moran

20s. This strung-out, nervous, grungy drug dealer and user wearing a hoodie is seen on surveillance conversing with Matthew Rowe, the murder victim. Dennis's history shows multiple arrests and two convictions, all drug-related, and though he carries a gun, he hasn't yet been involved in a violent crime. He swears he had nothing to do with the victim's death, and after a tense, armed standoff at his uncle's house, Dennis complies with the NCIS team and agrees to help them trap the real perp.testkeywordxyz Guest Star;

Squeegee Man

30s-40s, any ethnicity. In downtown DC, this astute, street-wise Squeegee man tries to Windex the paused cars at the intersection and is sometimes met with hostility. He finds Rowe's dead body and is questioned by the cops. Later, he is also individually questioned by Tony, who believes there is more to Squeegee Man's story. Possible Guest Star;

Jordyn Wright

13-15, any ethnicity. Sassy, sullen, "13 going on 20" and "every parents' nightmare," she sneaks out with older boys and shows no fear when McGee and Gibbs question her about a message sent from her BlackBerry. Eventually she provides pivotal information on two cases at once. Possible Guest Star;

Joanne Wright

Late 30s-40s, any ethnicity. Jordyn's mother. She's unhappy that her daughter has been dragged down to the NCIS. Despite Joanne's protestations that Jordyn was home (it was a school night) when her BlackBerry sent a mysterious message to the NCIS, it turns out Jordyn was out with an older boy, and Joanne is furious about the news. Possible Guest Star;


Late 30s-40s. This seasoned prostitute past her prime, with a curly blond wig, thinks that McGee, who is undercover, wants to hire her and responds in kind; Uncle: 60s-70s. This frail, frightened, disabled man is confined to his wheelchair with nowhere to go as his armed nephew is trying to escape NCIS Agents who have come to his home. Co-Star.

Airs: To Be Announced

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