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Friday, February 29, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

The Mentalist: Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV & CBS

Episode Info (Upcoming Casting & Storyline):


Late 30s to early 40s, first seen in a Saville Row suit and flip- flops, he is a consultant to the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation). Possessed of battered good looks and a romantic, unruly, theatrical air, he is shambolic and graceful simultaneously. Formerly a fake psychic/medium, he has lost none of the showmanship, wit and style of his former calling. But the bravura style is now tempered by wisdom and honesty. Clearly a maverick, with a steely passion for justice, Jane has his share of quirks and eccentricities -- but he also gets the job done...SERIES REGULAR - OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES


Mid to late 30s, gorgeous, Catholic, Lisbon keeps her hair short, wears no makeup or jewelry. By-the-book, this CBI agent quickly locks horns with Daniel Jane, whom she refers to as a "liability." However, even she can't argue with the fact that Jane has closed more cases than most. Driven and intense, with a great deal of self-discipline, Lisbon can come across as brusque, but more than likely there's a much more sensual and passionate woman beneath the tough veneer... SERIES REGULAR - OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES


40-55, East Indian, Patel is the boss, demonstrative, egotistical, brash, Machiavellian. Originally from India, he moves to suburban California when he was eleven. Committed to his job, and hard-working, he will do what it takes to protect his Unit with the CBI. He tries to placate a ruffled Libson, telling her that while Daniel Jane may have issues, he is a fabulous detective...SERIES REGULAR


35-45, Male, Asian. An agent with the Serious Crimes Unit of the CBI, he hails from twenty generations of farmers back in his homeland. He's a "lugubrious, logical, stubborn, flat-footed family man. He might seem rude, but it's just Ken being his pathologically honest self. A relentless interrogator." He, too, feels that Daniel Jane is a good addition to the team because "he clears cases."... SERIES REGULAR


Mid to late 20s, handsome, physically fit. An agent with the Serious Crimes Unit of the CBI, he is an ex-LAPD officer, and former college tight end. He's a "predatory bad boy with the women, but a diligent and honorable man on the job." A sports enthusiast, with a propensity for violence, Gilzean likes to think he's "a whole lost smarter than he's given credit for the by the CBI team; but he's wrong." ..SERIES REGULAR - OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES


25-30. She is another agent with the Serious Crimes Unit of the CBI, a gung-ho, hard-working young woman. Former college valedictorian and head cheerleader, "Van Pelt was by far the smartest person she knew until she went to college." She's possessed of a winningly naive confidence in her own intellect and capabilities, also devoutly spiritual...SERIES REGULAR - OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES


The Serious Crimes Unit of the California Bureau of Investigation is on the hunt for a serial killer who refers to himself as Red John. Consultant to the team is the unorthodox, often unreadable, but highly effective DANIEL JANE...

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