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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Medium: Interview with Creator!

Post by: Sal

Source: EW

Interview with Creator:

Creator Glenn Gordon Caron falls back in love with his show after a strike-imposed breakup

When we were going through the writers' strike in '88, there was no Internet. You would wait for 6:30 a.m., for the slap of the newspaper on your driveway. This time, the WGA mounted an aggressive propaganda campaign on the Internet. It was amazing, but it created the sense of a moment-by-moment situation — which ups your anxiety level, quite frankly.

I did not allow my brain to think about Medium. It's a lot like a love affair. You don't want to rekindle it if you're not certain that you're getting back together. So I taught myself the Avid editing system and worked on a documentary I've been involved with for five years, about television director Robert Butler.

The first day back was a fascinating combination of exhilaration and terror. You can't help but wonder if you've lost whatever that thing is that makes it possible for you to make a show that exists in such a macabre landscape as Medium. But I haven't felt rusty. There's a sense of jubilation and relief; it's that and the free food that motivate you. We're sitting here right now trying to figure out the rest of the season, but I don't think anyone will feel shortchanged. I feel this awesome sense of responsibility to the cast and the crew. You want to get up on your feet as quickly as possible so they can start earning a paycheck again and doing what they love to do.

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