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Thursday, February 14, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

'JourneyMan' Returns...Sort Of?

Post by: Sal

Hey everyone. Ok I have been surfing around and I have just heard some great news. For all of you fans who are angry about NBC shutting down JourneyMan, fear NOT! Now that the strike is over, apparently NBC has contacted the cast of JourneyMan and are asking them to film some more episodes for this season so that they could have a proper series finale.

And yes I did say 'Series finale'. Even though NBC is giving JourneyMan some more episodes, the fate of it coming back next season is very very small...

But at least its better than nothing right?

Check back at the blog for more info coming later on. I have some more fishing to do!

Take Care,


1 comment:

corpgent said...

It's a shame that they are getting rid of "JourneyMan" - I thought it was a show that had legs.

Well, a couple of more shows is better than nothing!