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Thursday, February 21, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

Lipstick Jungle: Interview with Kim Raver!

Post by: Sal

Source: NBC

Kim Raver Interview:

TV Guide: Were you looking to do something lighter?

Kim Raver: Definitely. I did Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller and I had so much fun doing com­edy. This was a perfect combination of what I loved about doing 24 and The Nine and what I loved about Night at the Museum.

TV Guide: There are the inevitable comparisons to Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia. What makes Lipstick Jungle unique?

Raver: Candace [Bushnell] put it really succinctly that in Sex and the City the wom­en are looking for Mr. Big and in Lipstick Jungle they are Mr. Big.

TV Guide: Will the clothes be as important as they were in Sex and the City?

Raver: In Sex and the City I felt like they were a character in themselves, and in our show they accentuate who these people are. And you want the clothes. The accessories are just insane. The bags and the shoes and the jewelry, you just want every piece that you see.

TV Guide: What's the camaraderie been like?

Raver: You hear about all these stories of these kinds of catfights [elsewhere] and the stereotypes of women tearing each other down, but I feel so fortu­nate.... The chemistry between us is re­ally amazing.

TV Guide: Do you and Brooke Shields bring your kids to the set?

Raver: Oh yeah, it's un­believable. The hair and makeup trailer in the morning — it's like daycare.

TV Guide: Wikipedia claims your career started on Sesame Street. Is this true?

Raver: It is. [Laughs] I was 6. I was 5 when they asked me, but I wasn't old enough, so I had to wait a year. I just loved it. I don't consider myself a child actress in that sense. It was so enjoyable and so much fun to be able to interact with all the characters. It was a big family.

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