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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

CBS 'EX Life' Casting Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV

TV Pilot - 1/2 Hour for CBS.
EXEC PROD, Rob Greenberg;
PROD, Suzy Mamann Greenberg;
DIR/WRTR, Rob Greenberg.

Carter Thomas

Mid-Late 20s. A handsome, charming and funny everyman, he's completely shellshocked when his long-time girlfriend, Sara, jilts him at the altar. Carter moves into a "short-term housing" complex, where single men, much like himself, find strength in numbers. Carter befriends Gil, Frank and Stuart. Carter is delighted when Sara asks for reconciliation, and their postponed wedding is suddenly back on. However, thanks to his new friends, Carter finally realizes just how little he and Sara have in common - but the revelation comes mere moments before he says "I do". Series Regular;

Frank Bober

50s, a ladies' man. Frank is a college drop-out who made a fortune in the garment trade and is now semi-retired. Also a resident of the "short-term housing" complex, Frank has been through four divorces, and vows never again to repeat his past mistakes. All he wants to do now is sleep around, usually with women half his age. He and his lovelorn buddies have their own distinctive views on life, love and marriage that they are happy to share with Carter, the newcomer to their ranks. Series Regular;

Stuart Stegeman

Mid-Late 30s. This successful ob/gyn is a feisty conservative with a booming practice who also lives in the housing complex. Stuart is in the middle of his second painful divorce - and that fact that his attorney first wife is representing his soon to be-ex second wife is heaping insult on injury. Absolutely disenchanted with marriage, Stuart thinks that Carter is making a huge mistake when he reconciles with Sara. Stuart and the other guys are out to rescue Carter at the last possible moment from his misguided marriage. Series Regular;

Gil Brooks

30s. A nice, sweet-natured guy, but a bit of a nebbish, Gil is the owner of a spa and pool equipment store. He cheated on his wife, the one and only mistake he ever made in his marriage. She proceeded to kick him to the curb. Gil still desperately hopes to reconcile with his now gorgeous ex, from whom he has been "temporarily" separated - for three years now. Another resident of the housing complex, he doesn't consider himself divorced, even though his buddies tell him to get real, get a life, and let go of his delusional belief that his wife will some day return to him. Series Regular.

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