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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Criminal Minds: Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: CBS & SpoilerTV

Episode Info (Casting Call):


Caucasian, early 30's, recently moved to MD with her boyfriend after being stalked in Indiana for 2 years. After she finds another gift from her stalker, she takes her case to the BAU as the police can't do anything for her until the stalker takes action. She's been careful and diligent about her research on stalkers and cannot understand why or how this is happening. GUEST STAR


Caucasian, early 30's. Keri's boyfriend. Fit, handsome, caring and protective. Feels just as confused by all of this as Keri and begins to feel betrayed when the team starts poking into her past and certain personal information comes to light. GUEST STAR


Caucasian, 17 yrs old. Child of a murderous mother/deceased father. As the kids are being questioned, it comes out that he thinks his sister is conceited and selfish. He's jealous that his dad played favorites and always supported his sister, but never him. CO-STAR


Caucasian, 19 yrs old. Child of a murderous mother/deceased father. Claims her mother killed her father because he liked Sarah better and the mother wanted to take that away from her daughter. CO-STAR


Caucasian, early 30's. Keri's stalker. Been stalking her since he worked on her computer 2 years prior. Has tried to morph into the way her boyfriend looks: fit, tan and a similar haircut. Truly believes he is her boyfriend and has created a shrine to Keri from where he watches her. CO-STAR, POSSIBLE GUEST STAR.SPTV050769


Caucasian, 45, seemingly well-manicured. Claims she was abused by her husband for years which is why she murdered him. Hotch and Rossi interview her to see if that is the case. POSSIBLE 1 DAY GUEST STAR

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