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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Shark 2x14: More Episode Info

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV & SpoilerFix

More Episode Info 2x14:

Episode Title "Leaving For Las Vegas"

A couple of "goons" bring Sebastian to a duplex in Las Vegas in the middle of the night where he sees an old client, Ballantine, and a dead body. Ballantine basically confesses to killing the dead man, who worked for him, and convinced Sebastian to take a 5 million dollar retainer in exchange for representing him. Because it is in Nevada and not California, Sebastian still has his license to practice law and is unemployed so has the time. He gets Raina, Isaac and Madeleine to help him. When the man is found guilty, he threatens Sebastian's life.

Airs: To Be Announced

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