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Saturday, March 22, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Script

Grey's Anatomy 4x13: Script!

Post by: Sal

Source: ABC & SpoilerTV

Script 4x13 (Snippet):

Episode 4.13 "Piece of My Heart"

Characters: Sarah, Freddie, Dr.Thomas, Nikki, Will

Nikki and Will are a young grungy, hippie couple. Nikki is pregnant but the baby’s organs are reversed. The doctor on their case is Dr. Swanson and Nikki remarks that they’ve heard that Dr.Swanson is the best of the best. Will remarks of course she is since they asked the Universe to send them the best. Dr. S explains that they’ll have to perform a two part surgery – first on Nikki, then on the baby to makes sure the baby is stabilized. Dr. S promises to take every precaution to make sure the baby has the best possible chance at survival. Nikki and Will are confident

Later on, Dr. Swanson is taking Nikki’s vitals and alerting Nikki that the surgery will be very complicated and the Cesarian incision will be twice the size it normally is. Nikki says that they are just thankful that the baby is going to be born that day surrounded by their love. Will asks Dr. S when they can take the baby home. Dr. S says that it’s hard to say and will depend on the additional problems the baby’s condition may have caused. Nikki then asks Dr.S if she thinks there’s something more wrong with the baby. Will says to the doctor that their intention is to have a healthy baby. Dr. S says she justs wants them to be prepared. Will answers that they are prepared -- they are prepared for a healthy baby.

Night – in the NICU

Nikki is sitting in a wheelchair next to the incubator. Will is standing nearby. Dr. Smith approaches and tells them that the baby’s “medical” looks good and his heart seems to be responding to the “medical”. Dr. Smith tells them they proved them wrong because the baby was born very strong and very healthy. Will says that it was never about proving anyone wrong. Dr. Smith apologizes for the way he spoke to them earlier. Will says it’s ok because Dr.Smith was just trying to make them hear him and they did – they just didn’t believe him because he was giving them the bad and there’s a whole lot of bad to focus on if you want to. Will then says there’s also hope. There’s always hope.

Nikki smiles and strokes the baby’s head. Will moves close to Nikki and takes her hand. Off Dr.Smith, wanting very much to be unaffected…

Sarah & Freddie are another couple. They are waiting in the clinic, holding hands and looking very worried. Dr.Walters walks up to them and informs them that Sarah is pregnant. Sarah says that they need to schedule an abortion then. Freddie turns to Sarah and starts apologizing and Sarah begins to cry quietly and is embarrassed. Dr.W says that a counselor would advise them to sit with this for a few days before making a decision. Freddie says there’s no decision to make. It was an accident and they are always so careful. Sarah then says she’s HIV+ and the condom broke. She just wants to get it over with and asks if the abortion could be done that day.

Dr.W takes that in and feels utterly powerless.

Night – Clinic

Dr.W is charting and Sarah approaches. Sarah starts asking Dr.W how could she give them that type of false hope. She says her husband had given up on the idea of having children when he married her and it wasn’t fair that she had to disappoint him again. Dr. W starts saying she’s sorry but Sarah continues… She tells Dr.W that she doesn’t know what it’s like living with the disease and taking meds every day. She says she was diagnosed when she was 19 and has lived with HIV her whole adult life. She has learned how to deal with it but she won’t put that onto a baby. She can’t bring a baby into this world who could have the disease. Dr.W tells Sarah that she knows she had given up on having children a long time ago and it’s hard to readjust her thinking but if Sarah were to take her meds responsibly there’s a chance for her to be a mom.

Sarah looks at Dr.W and bursts into tears (happy, grateful, overwhelmed tears). Freddie arrives concerned and asks if everything is alright. Sarah tells him they are having a baby. Off Dr.W, watching the two of them and happy for them.

(this next scenes from the Freddie sides obviously happen before Sarah talks to Dr.Walters)

Freddie – Dr.W is working on another clinic patient and sees Freddie. Dr.W excuses himself and goes over to Freddie and asks him if there’s anything he needs and that she has already paged an OB but doesn’t know how long it’ll take… Freddie tells Dr.W that they have never had unprotected sex. Dr.W says she’s not judging. Freddie says that they’ve never had unprotected sex and the one time in 10 years that the condom breaks, Sarah gets pregnant. Freddie says he knows there must have been medical advances since Sarah has been diagnosed and asks if there’s any way they could keep the baby. Dr.W unsure…

Later in the clinic, Dr.W sits down with Sarah and Freddie and tells Sarah that she knows that when she was diagnosed she was told that a pregnancy was not a responsible option for her but that a lot has changed. Dr.W informs them that medications have changed and they know a lot more now… Sarah could have this baby is she wants to. Freddie gets really excited and happy. Dr.W tells them that the meds will have to be adjusted and Dr.W hasn’t found them an OB yet and it may be difficult to find one. Freddie says it doesn’t matter and they’ll figure things out. He’s clearly ecstatic and overjoyed.

Dr.Thomas (described as a sweet looking grandpa of a doctor). Dr.W approaches Dr.Thomas and thanks him for meeting her on such short notice. Dr.W then tells Dr.T that the patient in question is 35 years old, 6 weeks pregnant and has Huntington’s Disease. Dr.T says his week is pretty full but he probably squeeze in an evacuation. Dr.W says that she’s been doing some research and thinks that may not be necessary. She tells Dr.T that the patient wants to keep the baby and she [Dr.W] was hoping that Dr.T could take her in as a patient. Dr. T straight out says no. Dr.W asks why. Dr.T asks Dr.W if she knows the potential malpractice risks in a patient of that type. If something were to go wrong, the insurance hassles alone... Dr.W asks “Insurance hassles?” Dr.T then says his practice is full. Dr.W counters by asking if it would still be full if the patient was perfectly healthy. Dr.T says he won’t treat the patient and wishes Dr.W good luck in finding an OB who will. Dr.T says that patient is a malpractice suit waiting to happen. His advice is that the patient should abort.

Dr.T walks away and Dr.W is left stunned.


I think Dr.Swanson being the "best of the best" is obviously going to be Dr. Addison Montgomery. Dr.Smith who later talks to the couple in the NICU sounds like Alex to me. It sounds like Dr.Smith said something a little too harsh (Alex's trademark brutal honestly?) which is why he later apologizes for it and Will points out that Dr.Smith was just giving them the bad side of things. Also the description of Dr.Smith trying very hard to be unnafected totally sounds like Alex. So it looks like we'll be seeing Addie and Alex working together again.

Dr.Walters sounds like it may be Izzie or Meredith to me.

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