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Monday, March 17, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Entourage 5x02: Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode Info 5x02 (Casting):


Male 30's. One half of a writing duo that has an amazing script that stumbles across E's desk. He and his partner NICK are blue collar guys who manage a topless bar. Kind of guys that are way to old to still be living at home. LBs the mouthpiece of the team. Speaks like a townie. Pushy and excitable. He wants to get a deal going. Guest Star. Recurs.


Male 30's. LB's writing partner. If LB is the pushy mouthpiece of the duo then Nick is the more laid back one. He's always in control. He is a real balance to Nick's hotheadedness. Don't be mistaken though he wants a deal as much as LB does. Blue collar, West Coast townie guy. Guest Star. Recurs.


early 20's. Hot, leggy brunette. Introduced to Vince by a former flame JUSTINE CHAPMAN, (Virgin pop star season 1) She's from Ohio and new to LA. She's so impressed by Vince and has been a fan of his long before he was a movie star. Sweet and naïve.


Early 20's. Friend's with JUSTINE CHAPMAN. Dancer, total scene-ster. Turtle is trying to chat her up until Drama gets in the way. She seems dim at first but once you get passedparty girl style of speaking there is a point to what she is saying. She gives Drama some real girl advice.

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