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Saturday, March 8, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2nd Season?

Post by: Sal

Source: FOX & SpoilerTV

Many of you have been asking about the fate of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so I'm happy to report that barring any apocalyptic shifts at the Fox network, Terminator is very likely to return in the fall.

Now, the official word from the network is, "No word yet regarding season two. Fox usually announces returning shows in May around upfronts." However, in addition to some scuttlebutt that came our way yesterday saying production is set to resume in mid to late June, star Thomas Dekker told me at last night's American Idol party he was feeling pretty good and is "pretty sure" the new season will happen.

According to Dekker, the producers are currently pitching second-season stories to the network.

When asked if he gets sick of people asking whether or not John and Cameron will have a romance, Dekker laughed and said he actually likes it! He thinks the idea of a human and a robot having that sort of relationship is interesting and cool and added that fans should "wait until the second season, because some really great stuff is planned—all those questions will be answered!" And yes, that's a direct quote—he was speaking as if season two were already a done deal.

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