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Monday, March 10, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

Cheers: The Wire Wraps It All Up!

Post by: Sal

Source: TVGuide

Cheers to The Wire for giving its fans what The Sopranos refused to provide: closure. The HBO drama's finale tied up an impressive number of loose ends: Two major criminal investigations (the serial killer and "vacants" cases) were closed, three cops (McNulty, Freamon and Daniels) left the department, and the mayor was elected governor. Still, it wasn't all good news: Drug lord Marlo Stanfield and dishonest journalist Scotty Templeton both got off scot-free — the latter with a Pulitzer, no less — and two young men (Michael and Dukie) were lost to the streets. At least recovering junkie Bubbles got to come up from the basement and eat dinner with his sister's family. In the bleak world of The Wire, that's a happy ending.

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