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Thursday, March 6, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

Life's 'The Pitts' for Allison Janney!

Post by: Sal

Source: Zap2It

Emmy winner Allison Janney has joined the vocal cast for FOX's potential animated overhaul of "The Pitts."

Created by Mike Scully and Julie Thacker-Scully, "The Pitts" had a five-episode run on FOX in 2003. The series focused on the world's unluckiest family.

FOX began showing interest in resurrecting "The Pitts" in an animated form back in the fall and recruited original stars Dylan Baker and Lizzy Caplan to reprise their roles as father Bob Pitt and daughter Faith Pitt. Andy Milonakis will replace David Henrie as son Petey Pitt.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janney will voice wife-and-mother Liz Pitt, a role played by Kellie Waymire in the live-action series. Waymire died just months after the show went off the air.

FOX is taking an atypical approach to bringing "The Pitts" back to series. The plan is for the cast to do a table read from a new script for the network next week. If FOX execs feel good about what they hear, "The Pitts" will be ordered straight to series, skipping the traditional pilot process.

This would be Janney's first regular small screen gig since a "West Wing" run that yielded four Emmys, though she guest starred on an episode of CBS' "Two and a Half Men." Janney was most recently seen on the big screen in the summer musical hit "Hairspray" and the Oscar-winning comedy "Juno."

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