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Friday, March 14, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

ABC Stages Another 'Duel'!

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Source: Zap2It

You'd be forgiven for not remembering ABC's game show "Duel" from earlier this season. The network is just hoping you'll pay attention to it in a few weeks.

"Duel" will return to ABC's schedule on a regular basis starting Friday, April 4. The show, which combines standard quiz-show elements with head-to-head betting and bluffing, a la high-stakes poker, will run for 10 episodes.

ESPN anchor Mike Greenberg will return as host.

Unlike the show's December run, which aired over the course of one week and featured a tournament format, the spring run of "Duel" will have more self-contained episodes. Each week, a group of contestants will vie to battle against either the previous week's winner or a new foe. The top prize is $500,000.

In the game, players bet on trivia questions based on how confident they are in their answer. Wrong answers mean elimination -- unless a player has bet enough to cover the loss. Contestants will also have the chance to pocket their winnings and walk away from the game.

"Duel" averaged about 6.78 million viewers over six nights the week before Christmas.

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