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Friday, March 14, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Script

Gossip Girl 1x15: Script!

Post by: Sal

Source: FOX & SpoilerTV

Script 1x15 (Snippet):

As they approach the park, ASHER HORNSBY, 16, young Johnny Depp type, rounds the corner with five dogs, tangling Jenny in the leashes. She topples over, her hot dog sent flying.

ASHER: Sorry about that. Are you okay?

JENNY: Better than my hot dog.

Asher looks over in time to see one of his dogs chowing down on Jenny's hot dog.

ASHER: I don't have my wallet on me now, but I'd be happy to pay for your hot dog...
(looks around)
With a dog. All pur breeds. Go ahead, pick one.

JENNY: (Smitten) You wouldn't really--

ASHER: I wouldn't. Really But I will replace the devoured snack.

He pats his pockets for a pen, picks a napkin off the ground and scribbles down his name and number.

JENNY: It was just a hot dog.

ASHER: See, that's where you're wrong. It was a very pretty girl's hot dog.

Jenny is flush, taken with him--

JENNY: Than you. (then, remembers mission) But I'm fine.

As the dogs start to pull him away--

ASHER: Call if you change your mind.

Jenny watches him be pulled away.


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Anonymous said...

saw the episode this was actually different and it was in episode 15 not 14.

Tv Hot Spot Host said...

Thank you for commenting!

This post was actually copied from another link and so I was not aware. I too watched the episode and yes you're correct it is episode 15, and some of the lines were incorrect.

Thanks for visiting and please pass by again!

Sal (TV Hot Spot Admin)