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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TV Hot Spot; Episode Info

Weeds 4x01: More Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

More Episode Info 4x01 (Casting Info):


8-10, Caucasian. This cute, chatty neighbor to the Botwins is a typical California boy who befriends them. Recurring Guest Star;

Jack Botwin

60-70s. This older Jewish man is Andy and his late brother Judah's father. He is a tough old man with a temper who is set in his ways, and has never felt comfortable with anyone non-Jewish being in his family. There has always been some tension between him and Nancy who was married to Judah before he died, but Jack certainly does have a soft spot in his heart for his grand kids. Recurring Guest Star;sptv050769

Agent Shlatter

30s-50s, any ethnicity. He is a DEA agent who comes to see Nancy. Guest Star; Bubbie: 85+. This ancient Jewish grandmother of Andy's (Justin Kirk) is laying on her deathbed. Recurring Co-Star.

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