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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Swingtown 1x06: More Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV & CBS

More Episode Info 1x06 (Casting Info):

Episode Titled "Rock the Boat".


34, handsome, fit, charming and charismatic. This wealthy heir to an East Coast real estate fortune dated Trina in high school, and considers her the one who got away. Things come easy to Luke, who retains just a glint of the bad boy reputation he had in high school. Longish hair would be a plus. Guest Star;


Early-Mid 20s, smart, midwestern, hot, a co-worker of Bruce Miller. One of the few female traders at the COEC (Chicago Options Exchange Commission), she goes along to get along with her male coworkers. At a fundraiser, she confesses to Susan. Her strategies for staying true to herself while letting the guys think they’re winning. Later, she shares a bonding moment with Bruce. Recurring Guest Star;

Rita Pierce

50s. This wealthy society maven is the epicenter of the Children’s Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary, and the wife of Bruce Miller’s boss. She bonds with Janet over spilled bloody marys, and presides over the gala Bali-Hai-themed fundraiser on a yacht. Guest Star. We’d love to find a prominent actress from the 70s for a cameo appearance; please also suggest other ideas;sptv050769

Mr. Stone

50s. This regular-looking guy is Roger’s boss at the insurance agency. When Roger approaches him about a raise, Mr. Stone explains that he can’t afford to pay him what he’s worth and lets him go. One Day Guest Star;


20s, Southern, buxom, very attractive. This "Georgia Peach of a stewardess" works with Tom. She accompanies him on a flight to Tokyo that gets delayed. Recurring Co-Star;


30s-40s, Male, attractive, longer hair is a plus. This professional emcee has the slick patter of a gameshow host as he runs the charity auction at the Ladies Auxiliary fundraiser Co-Star.

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