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Monday, April 21, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Dirty Sexy Money 2x01: More Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV & ABC

More Episode Info 2x01 (Casting):

Terry Deramian

50s, Male, Caucasian. He's a bigger than life Texas lawyer with a 100% success rate. He's prone to long, inspirational speeches about how he rose above his supposedly dirt poor, humble trappings. Tripp calls him a pompous, self-aggrandizing showboater, but Nick believes Deramian is the only one who can win Letita's case. Deramian has an iron will, which he masks beneath an affable demeanor. Guest Star;

Judge Alexis Emerson

40s-Early 60s, Female. This attractive, elegant female judge oversees Letitia's murder trial. Judge Emerson doesn't abide grandstanding in her courtroom. NOT YOUR TYPICAL JUDGE. Great Recurring Role;

Verona Banks

20s, Female, British and beautiful. This petite, pretty paparazzi reporter with a sexy British accent catches Jeremy's eye, but though she'd love a scoop, she's not interested in him romantically. Strong Recurring; Bitsy Calhoun: This starlet pop singer "with a heart of Starburst and mysticism", befriends Jeremy Darling and shares her spiritual philosophy with him in order to inspire him. Guest Star;

Officer Frank & Officer Pino

30s-50s, Male, any ethnicity. These two New York cops take Clark's missing person's report about Carmelita but don't seem overly concerned about locating her. Guest Star;

Renata Lennox

Late 20s-30s, Female, any ethnicity. She is an intense family publicist dealing with Nick and his family at the opening of a new hospital wing. Guest Star;

Nina Rivebelle

30s-40s, Female. She is the lovely chairwoman of the pediatric cancer research center endowment. She wonders what it is exactly that Brian does. Guest Star;

Security Guard

This cute male guard at the Bricolage building tells Karen that they're just about to close; Reporter: This reporter asks Jeremy if he and Bitsy are an item.sptv050769. SEEKING REAL NEW YORK REPORTER TYPES;

Female Defendants

These high class hooker female defendants tell Letitia they're on trial for bestiality. Co-Star;

Channel 11 Reporter

This reporter and camera crew ask questions of Letitia and Terry Deramian;

Press #1, Press #2 & Press #3

These members of the press trap Letitia and bombard her with questions;

Paparazzi #1 & #2

These paparazzi shout questions at Jeremy;

Male Reporter & Female Reporter

These reporters converge upon Patrick and ask him questions about his mother and his senate run.

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