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Monday, April 28, 2008

TV Hot Spot: News

Britney Spears Returning to 'HIMYM'!

Post by: Sal

Source: Zap2It

Britney Spears, whose first appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" pushed the CBS comedy to ratings highs, will be back for May sweeps.

The return of the pop tartlet to "HIMYM" had been rumored since her first appearance on March 24 drew nearly 10.7 million viewers and generated relatively positive reviews.

Spears begins production on Monday (April 28) for an episode titled "Everything Must Go," set to air on May 12.

[It should be noted that rather serious spoilers are about to follow, so take your leave if you must.]

The episode finds Spears' increasingly less meek-and-mousy receptionist Abby bonding with Neil Patrick Harris' Barney over their hatred for Josh Radnor's Ted (a turn of events that suggest definite blowback from the events that closed last week's "HIMYM"). In order to cause Ted a little pain, Barney and Abby decide to pretend they're dating and begin pushing their "relationship" to get a rise out of Ted.

As per usual, hilarity ensues.

"We're all so thrilled to have Britney joining us once again," says series co-creator/executive producer Craig Thomas. "And just to head it off at the pass this time around: Yes, Mom, Britney's very nice and no, I can't get her autograph for you."

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