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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Spoilers

Ghost Whisperer 3x17: Spoilers!

Post by: Sal

Source: CBS & SpoilerFix & SpoilerTV

(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)

(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)

Spoilers 3x17:

Episode yet to be titled.

Melinda helps a ghost that at first doesn't want to be helped, going so far as to possessing his 8-year-old son to tell his mother that she needs to force Melinda to leave, that they don't need her help. His mother realizes she's been keeping him there and that it's best that he crosses over. Until speaking with him, Melinda is sure the same man killed him that killed her father but after finally getting the ghost to talk to her, she realizes that is not true.

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