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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Spoilers

Kristin: ER!

Post by: Sal

Source: E! Online

(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)

(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)

Latest from Kristin:

April in Kansas City, Mo.: What can we expect from Abby when ER returns?

She is most definitely looking for a new job in a different medical facility.

Michael in Lake Mary, Fla.: I am a huge Sopranos fan and heard Tony's sister will be on ER as a car accident victim. Do you know anything more?

Yes, Aida Turturro, aka Janice Soprano, sticks around County General for about three weeks as her character Sheryl's health steadily declines. I'm hearing she has a very loving husband and son by her side throughout the ordeal.

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