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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Spoilers

Ausiello: Bones!

Post by: Sal

Source: TVGuide

(Warning! Might contain SPOILERS!)

Latest from Ausiello:

Question: Any scoop on why Bones would need a new forensic anthropologist? Is something going to happen to Zack? — Elizabeth

Ausiello: Sure sounds like it based on Fox's official episode description for the May 19 season finale: "When a human jawbone shows up at the Jeffersonian, Brennan and the team quickly realize that the Gormogon serial killer has struck again. In a shocking turn of events, an explosion in the lab sends Zack to the hospital; Gormogon's silver skeleton goes missing from the basement vault; and every Jeffersonian employee becomes a suspect, with the very real possibility that one of their very own may be working with the twisted and elusive serial killer."

Question: Are Booth and Brennan going to do any more kissing this season? — S.W.

Ausiello: I don't believe so. They will, however, become temporary parents to a baby whose mother was murdered under mysterious circumstances. That episode airs April 28.

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