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Saturday, June 7, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Life 2x02: More Episode Info

Post by: Sal

Source: NBC & SpoilerTV

More Episode Info 2x02:

Episode titled "Everything...All The Time".

Patrick Bridger
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian, Beautiful, privileged. He’s one of the elite Beverly Hills kids whose sense of entitlement and power rivals some of the most influential people in town. He views LA as his city, and expects that he can do whatever he wants, whenever, and wherever with no regard to the law or consequences. He’s an example of what money can buy in a city where material wealth is a badge of honor. His friends all look up to him as their leader and follow him through whatever door he might open, no matter how he treats them. Guest Star;

Annabelle Shore
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian. A stunningly beautiful girl in amazing physical shape, she is clearly a girl that comes from Beverly Hills-type wealth and comfort. Despite this, she is the only one of her friends to hold any sort of job. Her whole world revolvees around her small pod of friends, and she is especially loyal. To and under the control of "alpha male" Patrick Bridger. Guest Star;

Benny Buckley
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian. Also a member of Patrick’s posse of rich friends, Benny is the pudgy guy who Patrick keeps around as comic entertainment. Benny will do anything for Patrick and is grateful to be included in the cool crowd. However, because he is weak and a total follower, Patrick knows not to trust him with anything terribly important. sptv050769 Guest Star;

Dr. Clara James
Late 30s-40, Caucasian. Dr. Clara James is a smart, beautiful and sexy psychiatrist who is treating all the members of Patrick Bridger’s posse, especially Marty Hawkins. Guest Star;

Dr. Bridger
Early 50s, Caucasian. Actually in his early 70s but in such good shape that he looks 50, Dr. Bridger is the very wealthy, cocky, amazingly fit owner of Flext Health Club. Because he is a doctor, he can provide his clientele with his own brand of steroids and protect their anonymity since they are his "patients". One Day Guest Star;

Carmen Horter
17, Hispanic. The very pretty, angst-ridden, goth teenage daughter of the recently murdered, Manuel. Carmen has a lot of teenage attitude, but as she learns more and more about her father’s death, she also has a lot of guilt and sadness because she believes herself to be responsible for putting him in a position that caused his death. Guest Star.

Note: Seeking 18 years old to play 17;

Emma Horta
12, Hispanic. Manuel’s (the victim) younger daughter, Emma is a sweet, quiet tomboy. She initially stays very quiet, but it turns out that she also knows more about her father’s murder than she had been letting on. However, she also feels responsible because she fears that her disobeying her father led to his death and has been carrying around the guilt with her grief. Guest Star or Possible Co-Star;

Stella Horta
Late 30s, Hispanic. The strong but grieving wife of the victim, Stella has to deal with not only the loss of her husband but also with the fact that her two teen daughters believed they had something to do with his death. Guest Star or Possible Co-Star;

Gang Banger #1 and #2
Early 20s, Hispanic. These gang members get brought into the station for questioning during a roundup. They end up talking about steroids and even have some on them illegally. They reluctantly help the police locate the group who host the surreptitious parties where the steroids are dealt. Co-Star;

Annabelle Shore, Senior (The Mother)
Mid-Late 40s, Caucasian. She’s Annabelle’s mother and a high-powered attorney. She is smart, strong, powerful and attractive. She protects her own and will not take anything she views as out of line from the police. Co-Star;

Marty Hawkins
Mid 20s, Caucasian. HUGE, with muscles bulging, even bigger that a football player. He is massive in a way that no one can achieve naturally and is likened to a monster when he lets his anger, huger and overall temperament give in to the muscle enhancing drugs he’s using. He will do anything for Patrick and is the muscle for Patrick’s minions. He doesn’t really have any opinions for himself, and likely could have been a football player or some professional athlete if he had set his mind to it. Very Nice Co-Star. Note: Seeking Actors Who Physically Appear Larger Than Life.

Airs: To Be Announced

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