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Sunday, November 11, 2007

TV Hot Spot: POLLS!

POLL Results: Samantha Who? WINS!!

Post by: Sal

Ok so the question last week was, Which New ABC Show is Your Favourite? Lets see what you chose!

Samantha Who? - 29%

Pushing Daisies - 27%

Dirty Sexy Money - 17%

Private Practice - 17%

Womens Murder Club - 10%

Big Shots - 0%

"Samantha Who?" wins by 29%! It was a close race between itself and "Pushing Daisies" which was just 1 vote behind but you all have chosen that "Samantha Who?" was your favourite ABC new show this season. Make sure you check it out on Mondays right after "Dancing With The Stars". It is my favourite ABC fall show as well and I really recommend it to any of you comedy fans out there!

Congrats SAM!

Watch out for the next poll!

Take Care,


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