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Monday, February 18, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Blog Entry

February 17th 2008: Relax!

Entry by: Sal

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Entry #2 (17th Feb. 2008)

Just like the title of the Entry says. Relax! It's something that I have done a lot of today. I just finished up two assignments that are due for my course, and I thought I owed myself a bit of relaxation. Just sitting home on a Sunday, and catching up on the things I have missed out. Shows that I needed to catch up on, have a lunch with friends I needed to see etc.

I was thinking to myself about a few things actually. First of all, Friendships. No matter who you are, it is important that you keep friends around you that exert a certain type of positive energy that will in-turn help you.

I have learned that by choosing a close friend, you should also focus on their personality and the way that they handle their situations. Friends with positive energy could usually help you find your balance between your work & your social life. I am blessed to have such good friends around me, and those which attract negative energy, I don't give them a chance at all because I choose not to enter that negative energy into my life.

So with the relaxation vibe going around, I managed to do quite a bit of things around the apartment. The blog has been quiet today, mostly because it's a weekend. Make sure you catch the new "Brothers & Sisters" tonight. It will be the last one until it returns again in Mid-april!

Oh well, I guess thats all for now. If you had something that you wanted to do, or something you had planned on doing, then go for it. Relax and take things step by step. Who's rushing you? Haha..

Bye for now!


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