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Monday, March 24, 2008



Post by: Sal

Hi Everyone,

Well as you can see the blog is still up and running (Thank god for that!)

Anyway, I am coming to you now to tell you about some site changes. It's a small change so this will be a short post!

The site will now feature spoilers that I will be gathering and posting on the website. These will now be classies as "TV Hot Spot: Spoilers" and will feature spoilers of all the shows that you watch and love.

Please be advised that when you see posts that have the titled "TV Hot Spot: Spoilers", that the post will include some spoilers about a show that readers might want to avoid.

Why am I doing this?

The reason I am doing this new classified title is because I have been merging spoilers of shows under the heading of "TV Hot Spot: Episode Info", which most of the time does not include spoilers and only includes neutral information about a show.

Thus, to seperate the two and give readers a chance to see things more clear around the blog, spoilers will now be classified under the heading "TV Hot Spot: Spoilers".

I hope you keep on visiting and enjoy the site!

Take care,


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