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Thursday, May 8, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Blog Entry

May 8th 2008: TV Hot Spot Break EXTENDED!

Entry by: Sal

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Entry #6 (8th May 2008)

Hello again,

As all of you know, the blog has been inactive for the whole of yesterday due to me travelling back home to visit my grandmother who fell very ill. Unfortunately she was not strong enough and she passed away early this morning.

This is a Blog Entry stating that TV Hot Spot will be DOWN. I don't really know for how long, but the blog will be down for obvious reasons.

I hope that you will all be patient with me during this hard time, and hopefully the site will be back up and running soon.

Thank you again for understanding,

Blessed Be,

Bye for now!



mes said...

hey, take care! God bless.

Tv Hot Spot Host said...

Hey there,

Thank you so much for your comment, and hopefully the board will be up and running by the end of the month. Thanks again!

Sal (TV Hot Spot Admin)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your Grandmother passed away. May she rest in peace.

Tv Hot Spot Host said...

Thank you again for your condolences, and please keep visiting the board, it will be up again very soon!

Sal (TV Hot Spot Admin)