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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TV Hot Spot: Episode Info

Cold Case 6x04: Episode Info!

Post by: Sal

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode Info 6x04 (Casting Info):

Episode Titled "Roller Girl".

15 years old in 1978, a pretty tomboy who wear no makeup, with her hair in a ponytail, energetic, good-natured, and an infectious enthusiasm. Missy is a talented skater who spends lots of time in a local skate rink with her good friends. GUEST STAR - ACTRESS MUST BE 18 TO PLAY YOUNGER. MUST BE ABLE TO ROLLER SKATE.

15 years old in 1978, a little bit nerdy but cute, a good kid. Hugh's a skater who skated frequently at the local skating rink with his best friend Missy Gruber, with whom he has a friendly competition. Excited about the possibility that they might start training together for the upcoming Olympics, he's puzzled and concerned when she suddenly drops out of sight. MUST BE 18 TO PALY YOUNGER. MUST BE ABLE TO ROLLER SKATE.

45 years old, with glasses, boyish, a computer technician, fairly open. Hugh talks freely with Rush and Vera about his friendship with Missy Gruber, with whom he grew up and with whom he was a good friend and skating buddy. He tells them what he knows about the night Missy died, clearly still feeling the pain and her loss. GUEST STAR

20, with great hair. Rick is the slick deejay who runs the USA Skates Roller Rink, a teenage skater's hangout by day which turns into more of a nightclub for 18 and over at night. stv050769 GUEST STAR - ACTOR MUST BE ABLE TO ROLLER SKATE

Now the owner of USA Skates rinks, Rick is 50, and "age" hasn't been kind to Rick's hairline or his abs but he's still a legend in his own mind. "Very confident and full of himself in an obnoxious sort of way" GUEST STAR

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